7 Accidentally Scary Clowns

Clowns are scary, but some scary clowns try way too hard. Razor sharp teeth? Purposely smeared make-up? Flowers that shoot acid? Sure, all those elements are badass, but all a regular clown needs to become frightening is bad lighting and a resentful scowl. Here are some clowns I assume were not going for the “nightmare-inducing” look, but achieved it regardless:


“Hello,” Said The Clown

“Goodbye,” said the blogger. [via]


Clown Makes A Child Cry

Yeah, I’m gonna side with the kid on this one. [via]


Someone’s Here To See You…

Do. Not. Open. That. Door. [via]


That Clown’s A Wily Devil

Those are the eyebrows from my nightmares. [via]


Watch Out For Burger Clown

He’ll turn you into nuggets and dip you in a barbeque-like substance. [via]


Fat ‘n’ Scary

More of a depressing scary, but still scary nonetheless. [via]


This Clown Is Dead Inside

Please stop looking at me, clown. [via]


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