Ten Funny Food Packages

I’ve done all I can to actually verify that these foods are indeed real and not clever photoshops like this one:

Oh wait, that's real.

But I wouldn’t want to state that I know for a fact that they are all real. I wouldn’t want to tarnish my reputation as a hard hitting reporting by making such a bold claim only to have some one come back at me telling me “Tesco’s Spooge” was faked! Heavens to Betsy, what ever would I do!?

Whether these mistakes are lost in translation, clever marketing or just idiotic mistakes I can’t say, but I’m glad to bring you my list of Ten Funny Food Packages!

Tesco Spooge

Apparently this tomato paste exists somewhere in Europe, where men are men, and pasta is covered in Spooge. Bon Appetit!


Bimbo Bread


Having come from the East Coast to Los Angeles I’d only know of Amoroso and Roman Meal bread companies. Which although not funny, are delicious. On the left coast they bring their bread a slightly different image with Bimbo.

That just takes the Cake, which they also make. (I can’t stop rhyming now)

Spotted Dick

If you’ve traveled abroad, watched Monty Python or just been an 10 year old boy, you’ve probably already been well aquatinted with the funny food to come out of merry old England.


Crack Sticks!

Can I just say how robbed I feel that my childhood wasn’t filled with Crack Sticks? Ironic of not, I feel this may be the most apt branding ever, since I’ve often felt that good that came along with Fish sticks was often over within the first 15 seconds anyway.


Fart Juice

I know what you’re thinking.. but seriously how badly you want to Fap right now is none of my concern. However the existence of a product called ‘Fart Juice’ very much is.

For those of you thinking “there’s no way that’s a mistake”, well guess again. Polish company Hellena, who bottles Fart Juice named the drink after the Polish word for ‘Luck’ (source)… I’ve actually not been able to find support of that translation, but it seems apt since Poland has long been a target during major wars/conflicts, chalk that up to Bad Farts.


Mr. Brains

I um… trust me there were things far worse than this, that I chose NOT to post. Also I’m slightly more offended by the thought of ‘West Country Sauce’ that sounds like slang for ‘Southerner’s Spooge’ which I’ll be marketing in Europe soon!


Pet Sweat

Dear Japan: keep up the good work lads! This is Amazing on several gross out levels, but also am I to believe this is bottle water for animals!? That’s the next big thing, that’s the next Friendster, qwister or google buzz! Sign me up

Poo Stiks

You do NOT want to know what I had to endure to find verification and a (relatively) watermark free image of this product. *shudders* never again. Never again. Screw you India, I blame you.. won’t somebody think of the children!!!



It’s a pepper sauce! You can eat it! I really hope there slogan is something like “Put Shitto in your Mouth!” Go team. I should sign a marketing deal with them right now!

Soup for Sluts

It’s cheap, fast & easy is the slogan, and it couldn’t possibly be real. But I found it on sale for 2.95, which actually is really freaking expensive for Ramen noodles in a freeze dried package. You get that junk for 10 cents! This should really be called ‘Soup for Gold Diggers’ or ‘Soup for Rich People who Pretend to be Poor’ or just ‘Soup for Hipsters.’

Enjoy your slutty food wherever you are! Peace out.