Top 5 Adele ‘Someone Like You’ Spoofs

Someone Like You’ by Adele is the number one pop song in nearly 20 countries. So of course it’s the target of parody on sites like youtube. In researching these videos I’ve come to find that turning a sweet and sad song like this in to a spooftastic masterpiece is no easy feet. It’s an uphill fight and these 5 video makers have done the best you can do!


5) The Key of Awesome!: Adele Someone Like You PARODY! Key of Awesome #47


I gotta say I’m usually more into a Key of Awesome parody, (not much, but usually they’re a bit better). This one seems to be just a check list of “what’s a funny British thing we can do:”

Say Shite – Check

Clockwork Orange – Check

Say Wankers – Check…

And so on.


4) 21Rally: Someone Like You (Tom Scully Parody)


I’m assuming if you’re Australian this video is hilarious. I unfortunately am not, and don’t follow soccer. But it’s one of the few parodies that actually departed from the theme of the original song, so I felt it was a worthy video of inclusion in this list.


3) thewinstonfamily:Adele Someone Like You Parody


Every spoof video list, has a mandatory requirement for at least one skinny youtuber guy in drag. So let’s just get that out of the way right now, cause the next video has a chick recreating a scenes from two girls on cup.


2) magicsoda: Adele someone like you parody "obsessed with you"


I have a theory, that goes something like this “Don’t F’ing parody a slow song”, so far it’s hard to day I’ve laughed at much of anything in these videos. Though the last one was laughable in an intentionally unintentional way… like punching a baby is funny. But here in this video by magicsoda we come closer to what can be done with a song like this. I think it’s actually hard to break away from how somber and stoic this music is to create something virally funny. But there a scene where this chick eats a French fry off the street, after stumbling out of a cab which I find pretty amusing. 



1) NaughtyNate719: Someone Like You – Adele (Parody)


With only 9000 some views I think this video has been over looked. I was immediately drawn to this hipster in his awkward British tony boy sailor combo suit.

At the end he vlogs that the idea came to him when he couldn’t find his iPad. Shocking revelation on his creative process!! JK 😀