7 Kids Stuck In Claw Machines

Fact: kids want to hang out where all the toys and stuffed animals are. The more toys, the cooler the place – guaranteed. However, to paraphrase Admiral Ackbar, “it’s a kid trap!” If you’re small enough to climb into the machine, you will most likely be stuck inside for quite sometime. Here are 7 kids who didn’t think through their claw machine scheme thoroughly enough:

The Ultimate Prize

A human child!

The Boy Is Trapped

It’s gonna take a lot of tokens to get him out.

This Kid Is Frightened

What a wuss. He should be playing with those toys while he still can!

It’s Like The Claw Machine Is Giving Birth

Maybe this is how we’ll get babies in the future?

Firefighters Are Called In

This is the best firefighter gig ever. They can play Marvel vs. Capcom after they’re done.

"No Way!"

Yes, way. Your child is trapped in a machine!

Kid Makes It To Toy Land

“But mom, I was… so happy there…”

Geoffrey Golden is the Editor in Chief of The Devastator: The Quarterly Comedy Magazine For Humans! Header via