Gallery of Horrible Labor Day Clip Art

Are you enjoying your day off? Would you enjoy it more with some nonsensical Labor Day clip art? If you’re answering with a double “yes,” and I hope you are, then check out these ridiculous, brain-destroying Labor Day related graphics. Post them on somebody’s untouched since 2007 MySpace profile or just gawk in utter fascination


M&M’s On Labor Day

If you are having a Labor Day party without Brown M&M, you are not having a Labor Day party.  [via]


Flame-O, The Labor Day Dragon

Flame-O is giving you the traditional Labor Day sparkling rose. I am so jealous. [via]


Have Computer Sex On Labor Day?

A sexy girl with bug eyes is on her computer, wishing you a Happy Labor Day, because sure, why not? [via]


Cuddles, The Labor Day Bear

American workers are so adorable! [via]


Labor Day Fireworks

I think the artist has confused Labor Day with It Burns My Eyes Day. [via]


The Labor Day Sparkle Kid

Hey everybody, it’s the child from my nightmares! [via]


Ro-Bo, The Labor Day Robot



Geoffrey Golden is the Editor in Chief of The Devastator: The Quarterly Comedy Magazine For Humans! Header image via.