DC Relaunches Justice Society of America

At Fan Expo, DC largely kept most of its major announcements under wraps as the heavily hyped “New 52” launches this week with Justice League #1.

However, DC did reveal that its other Justice franchise will also be given a new ongoing series. During the “Bold New 52” panel, James Robinson and artist Nicola Scott were named as the new creative team of Justice Society of America.

Up to this point, one of the most frequent questions that DC’s editorial team has gotten about the Justice Society’s role in the post Flashpoint timeline is how can Superman be the first superhero five years ago if the JSA fought in WWII?

And the early answer to that question is that the Justice Society book will take place on Earth 2, once again separating the histories of the JSA and the JLA in a similar way to their pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths incarnations.

Robinson noted that this approach will let him use a few characters that haven’t appeared in some time.

“One of the problems with the Justice Society pre- [relaunch] is that so many of them were dead. There were very, very few of them alive, but you're going to see some people that haven't been around for a while fighting crime and being a part of the team again, so just bear with us."

The Justice Society was DC’s first superhero team when it deputed in 1940. Back in 1999, Robinson launched a new JSA ongoing series that ran for 87 issues and a subsequent 2006 relaunch that went 54 issues until hitting the new 52 initiative.