Miles Fisher’s ‘Final Destination 5’/’Saved By The Bell’ Parody

The internet got a little more fun today with the introduction of Miles Fisher's new music video "New Romance," which darkly combines the plot of the Final Destination franchise with Saved by the Bell. A lot of the cast of Final Destination 5 – including Miles Fisher, Emma Bell and David Koechner – stops by to join in on the fun and die horribly to the catchy new tune from the guy who brought you that awesome EXTREMELY NSFW American Psycho parody video from a few years ago.

Naturally this "viral" video was made specifically to promote the film, which we're normally pretty critical about (you can't call it "viral" until it actually becomes popular, so really they're just trying to trump up an official advertisement), but this is a very, very fun video with a genuinely catchy pop song attached, so what can we say? We approve.