Carly Foulkes Is Retro Girl In ‘Powers’

Last week, the "Powers" pilot at FX took major strides forward by casting Jason Patric and Lucy Punch as the lead characters. And according to "Powers" co-creator Brian Michael Bendis, another pivotal role has been cast with a recently familiar face.

While calling in to the Geektime radio show on Sirius XM Howard 100 (via Buzzfocus), Bendis revealed that Carly Foulkes has signed on to play Retro Girl in the "Powers" pilot. Foulkes is an actress and a model who has become well known through her appearances in several T-Mobile ad campaigns, earning her the nickname "T-Mobile Girl."



"Powers" will be one of Foulkes' first major roles, even though Foulkes' character is murdered early on and the first case of the series revolves around finding her killer.

However, Foulkes' face and likeness will appear through out the show on billboards and advertisements, which is actually not that far removed from her status in reality. Bendis described her character as "the Princess Di of the Powers World.”



"Powers" follows Patric's Detective Christian Walker and his partner Deena Pilgrim (Punch) as they investigate superhuman related crimes. During his appearance, Bendis also addressed the casting of Punch; which seemed to catch fans of the comic off guard.

 “Lucy came in and destroyed it,” Bendis said. “She transformed herself into Deena. She’s bringing something that no one expected. We said to ourselves,’That’s what Deena is–unexpected’ She should teach a class on auditioning.”

Bendis also indicated that production on the pilot will begin in three weeks in Chicago, almost 11 years after "Powers" was originally optioned.

Charles S. Dutton ("Roc") and Bailee Madison ("Just Go With It") have also previously been announced as co-stars for the "Powers" pilot; which is being directed by Michael Dinner ("Justified") from a script by former "Walking Dead" executive producer, Charles H. Eglee.

Although "Powers" has not yet been picked up to series, it is widely expected to make that leap and potentially launch in 2012.

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