Jake Kasdan On Bad Teacher And New Projects

Now that we’re all grown up, we can laugh at bad teachers. Certainly our bad teachers were never as hot or charming as Cameron Diaz. Bad Teacher is an R-rated comedy directed by Jake Kasdan. After a press conference with the whole cast, I asked Kasdan a few questions about the movie and the upcoming TV shows he’s launching.


Crave Online: I’ve seen Waiting for “Superman.” Do the teacher’s unions actually allow teachers like this to exist?

Jake Kasdan: I think she’s an outrageous case. That said, there’s a lot of crazy stuff out there.


Crave Online: Well, in real life they wouldn’t be as funny about it.

Jake Kasdan: Exactly.


Crave Online: Was 90 minutes always the right running time for you?

Jake Kasdan: Yeah, that’s the length that I like these things to be. Not religiously, but I like a certain kind of comedy to be about an hour and a half.


Crave Online: How did you cast the room full of background students?

Jake Kasdan: We brought in a bunch of kids and picked faces.


Crave Online: Are you doing some TV work next?

Jake Kasdan: I did a television pilot and I’m about to do another TV pilot. The one that’s already been made has been picked up. It’s called “The New Girl.” It’s on Fox next year with Zooey Deschanel, written by Liz Meriwether who wrote No Strings Attached. The other one is called “Spring Fall” and we’re just about to make it for HBO.


Crave Online: What’s the HBO show?

Jake Kasdan: The HBO thing is now for something completely different. It’s about rival fashion designers in Manhattan played by Tea Leoni and Hope Davis. It’s just a really cool piece of writing by this woman named Kate Robin. I just loved the script and wanted to do it.


Crave Online: Are you lining up another film?

Jake Kasdan: Working on a couple different things but nothing solid yet.