CraveOnline & NOS Team Up For Gaming World Record

At this year's E3, CraveOnline and the high power energy drink NOS joined forces to support an attempt by our gaming team to break the Gaming Guinness World record for the longest fighting game marathon of all time.

For 32 hours, Lance Moose, Melissa Estuesta, Cristopher Bryant and Paul Chillino played Mortal Kombat for the PS3 at the CraveOnline Non-Stop NOS Gaming Lounge, shattering the previous world record in the process.

A large crowd gathered at the CraveOnline Non-Stop NOS Gaming Lounge throughout the show to watch the attempt, but especially at 6PM on Wednesday when the record was broken. The official time of their Guinness World Record is 32 hours, 5 minutes and 47 seconds.



Over the course of the successful record breaking attempt, the gaming team seemed to develop a close camaraderie with each other. And although they were clearly tired by the end, they did have words of encouragement for any gamers who want to make their own mark in the Gaming Guinness World records.

"It's not common to break a world record, but also it's not impossible," Bryant told CraveOnline. "Any gamers out there who either want to challenge our record or are thinking about setting a record of their own, definitely go out and do it. Do your research. Gaming is all about fun and it's all about meeting great people and having a great time with it. So if you're going to game, do it with people that you like."



If you live in Los Angeles, you can drop by the CraveOnline Non-Stop NOS Gaming Lounge today (June 9) at Figueroa and 12th street in Downtown to meet our new world champion gaming team, enjoy free samples of NOS and live DJ performances in addition to playing some of today's best fighting games!

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