GameStop Honors Prehistoric Duke Nukem Pre-orders


Are you one of the many who threw down your hard-earned bones on the counter of your local Babbages (Now Gamestop, you young whippersnappers!) to pre-order Duke Nukem Forever in 1997? Well, I’m here to report some good news: your pre-order is still valid as long as you held onto that receipt.

GameStop issued this statement to IGN in regards to old Duke Nukem Forever pre-orders:

"With a long-anticipated release like Duke Nukem Forever, we encourage customers who pre-ordered more than a year ago to verify their reservation with their local store prior to launch. Provided the customer has a receipt, we will honor even those pre-orders taken long ago."

There’s even some extra swag involved for the people who show their true Duke devotion. Gamers who flash their old receipts will receive “Duke’s Big Package,” a pre-order bonus pack that includes Big Head mode, an in-game t-shirt and some other goodies.

To play devil’s advocate, maybe it’s a little embarrassing that you still have that receipt, circa 1997. After all the false starts that Duke Nukem Forever has been through, why didn’t you just go to your local store and get your $5 back?