Mass Effect 3 Includes Wider Range of Relationship Options


Girl on Guy; Girl on Girl; Guy on Alien; Girl on Alien; Guy on Guy. All of these options are possible in BioWare’s upcoming Mass Effect 3. This marks the first time in the series that same-sex relationships are allowed for both male and female characters. The announcement was made via Twitter by Mass Effect 3 Executive Producer Casey Hudson.

“Happy to confirm Mass Effect 3 supports wider options for love interests including same-sex for male and female characters, reactive to how you interact with them in-game,” said Hudson.

Furthermore, in a recent discussion with PC Gamer, Hudson detailed how relationships would work in ME3. Firstly, there will be no new love interests introduced in this trilogy concluder. Instead, players can opt to work on the relationships they’ve established in previous games, or choose a life of solace with their hand as their best friend.

“We’re not introducing any new characters that are going to be love interests. There’s some new characters, but generally it’s going to be the interplay between the characters from 2 and the returning ones from 1,” Hudson explained.

This might come as good news for quite a few gamers out there. I remember there being a big to-do about the lack of male-on-male action in Mass Effect 2, while on the flipside of the coin, girl-on-girl was openly available. BioWare’s other mega franchise, Dragon Age, has offered male-on-male since its inception. It’s good to see Commander Shepard come around.