Pandora Comedy Radio

If you’re here on the comedy channel you probably love comedy OR you lost a bet. Either way the folks at Pandora (the online intelligent radio station) have created a series of customizable comedy channels to satisfy your comedy needs. While I don’t support Pandora generally, as I secretly fear it will grow to become a strange mix between Skynet and Casey Casem; I DO like this new way to listen to diverse and amazing comedy albums.


Take your comedy on the GO!

One of the few good things about doing comedy in the oversaturated universe of Los Angeles is that you might see a comedian you like, or audiences who like other comedians get a chance to see you… and YOU might be their kinda comedy. Pandora has brought this home to you with a cavalcade of comedians you love, and also lots you have never heard of.

The good news is that all these comedians have at least recorded an album; which requires at least some skill…wait no…not anymore.  So you are going to get some flies in your soup. Plus Pandora has not exactly perfected advising you which comedian is “the same” as which. Here’s a sample of one little comedy journey I took:


Louie CK to Carlos Mancia to Patton Oswalt to Michel Ian Black to WHO THE HELL IS THIS A$$HOLE!


So not perfect. But it was trying. If you really love comedy then you’ll really have to carve yourself out a perfect station.  Here is my official “Perfect Pandora Comedy Recipe”:


Start with Various Artists: Comedy Death Ray Radio; then adjust with vigorous helpings of Dwayne Perkins, Doug Stanhope, George Carlin, and The Comedians of Comedy. That should get you started. 

But like all good cooking you need to watch the channel for at least the first few hours. Make sure you “like and dislike” EVERYTHING for at least an hour or you are gonna get stuck across the room when some horrible comedian comes on with a 10 minute set that’s at best one of his B-Sides.  This isn’t going to be an easy hour! You’ll have to listen to some really bad comedy for a minute, and Pandora punishes you for “disliking” tracks by making you sit through an advertisement. Persevere and you’ll get a Pandora channel well worth your time. Share it with friends.


Here are some fun games to play with Pandora‘s new comedy channels:


Drinking Game:

Every time a comedian talks about living in New York City, or Los Angles… take a drink. But the second a comedian talks about drinking alone or getting drunk out of sadness, stop drinking and start reevaluating your life.

Comedy Learning Game:

Every time a comedian says something in comedy form that more eloquently explains a concept you had to learn in college, take a small amount of money out of your future children’s comedy fund. Use this money to drink.

Laugh Game:            

Every time you hear a laugh on one comedian’s track that sounds a lot like another laugh on another comedians track… drink twice as much because you’re in the matrix buddy!