The B-Movies Podcast – Episode #14

Bibbs and Witney hit you hard and fast (five) with The B-Movies Podcast – Episode #14: Where Are You, Zac Efron? Listen in awe and wonder as William 'Bibbs' Bibbiani, Film Channel Editor of Crave Online, and Witney Seibold of Three Cheers for Darkened Years review Fast Five and cover all the latest movie news, reviews and whatnot! Superman, Lone Ranger and Bourne Legacy casting, Brett Ratner's Hercules, Russell Crowe moves into directing, the Lord of the Rings trilogy re-released in theaters and, of course, those pesky Atlas Shrugged sequels.

PLUS! Should Sir Ian McKellan star in a remake of Raw Deal? Which part of Odette Yustman's body does Bibbs want to live in? Will microfilm ever make a comeback? Is Todd Haynes the perfect director for Hercules? Why are Bibbs and Witney sending personalized photographs to the producer of Atlas Shrugged? Can you be so individualistic that you levitate? Is Antje Traue the cat from Red Dwarf? Why is Pandorum so damned awesome? Why is Me and Orson Welles so damned Pandorum? And wouldn't Miley Cyrus make a great Patti Hearst?

The answers to all these questions and more in The B-Movies Podcast – Episode #14: Where Are You, Zac Efron?


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