Top 10 Canadian Reality Shows

From drama-based programming to cooking as well as singing contests, reality-based shows run the gamut north of the border. Which ones can’t be missed? We present the top 10 Canadian reality shows.

10- Canada Sings!

The recently launched “Canada Sings!” pits different company glee clubs against one another in hopes of winning the grand prize – $10,000 to donate to a charity of their choice. Participating companies include Air Canada, GoodLife Fitness, Hamilton Police, The Keg, and the Toronto Fire Services.

9- Canadian Idol

Canadian Idol has been on for six seasons and is very similar to its southern counterpart – only we have Sass Jordan, Farley Flex, Zack Werner, and Jake Gold to dish out the critiques.

8- Battle of the Blades

It’s like Dancing With the Stars but on ice… and with sexy figure skaters and manly hockey greats. Valeri Bure and Ekaterina Gordeeva were the season 2 winners, which wrapped up in November of last year.

7- Canada’s Worst Handyman

We don’t know where they find the characters who appear on that show but they crack us up every season. Don’t miss a new season of DIY blunders when it premieres May 2nd.

6- The Family Restaurant

There’s something very entertaining about watching colourful families like the Psalios, who own three Greek restaurants, and the Quons, who own a Chinese restaurant, in their every-day lives. They’re funny, real, and their food looks incredible!

5- Wipeout Canada

We loved the American and even the Japanese versions of this makeshift game show where grown-ups race through a ridiculously elaborate obstacle course, but there’s something even funnier about watching our own Canuck neighbours trying to sprint across those giant rubber balls.

4- Canada’s Worst Driver

You know that guy who swerves out into your lane to make a right-hand turn? Well, he and all his fellow bad drivers convene on this comedic Discovery Show, now in its sixth season.

3- Top Chef

Sixteen contestants just started their journey on the debut season of Top Chef Canada, whose judges include famed Torontonian chef Mark McEwan – the show was the highest-rated premiere in the history of the network.

2- Ice Road Truckers

We are just as surprised as you at how great a show about guys driving across ice roads can be, but it is. Don’t miss episodes of the recent spinoff series IRT Deadliest Roads.

1- Dragon’s Den

We Canadians endure long winters stuck indoors hibernating and we know what everyone’s been doing: thinking of the next great business idea to present to the dragons on Dragons Den, one of Canada’s most popular and successful reality shows.