Top 10 Batman Battles of All Time

Top 10 Batman Battles of All Time

With the release of the new animated film, Batman Gotham Knight we decided to take a look at some of the toughest fights Batman has gotten himself into. The film Batman Gotham Knight weaves six stories together to bridge the gap between the films, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Batman Gotham Knight  is animated by six of Japan’s most prominent anime creators and written by acclaimed writers from the film and comic worlds including David Goyer and Greg Rucka.

Batman is widely seen as the one of the all time toughest characters around and probably the most skilled fighter in the DC universe, but even the best fighters have tough bouts, just ask Oscar De La Hoya or “Rampage” Jackson.

We have compiled a list of the toughest battles that the Dark Knight has ever faced, so don’t expect to see the Riddler or the Penguin here. Sorry Mr. Nigma and Cobblepot, but you two are only a punch in the face away from another trip to jail.

Batman vs. Bane in Batman: Knightfall

Bane was one of the toughest foes that Batman has ever faced; a muscle bound hulk with steroids (a drug called Venom) pumped directly in to his brain. Bane travels from his Caribbean prison cell to Gotham City to challenge the mythic Batman. In a fight that moves from Wayne Manor to the Batcave below, Bane savagely ends the fight by delivering a blow to Batman resulting in a broken back – Ouch!

Batman vs. Superman in The Dark Knight Returns

On paper this sounded like the most ridiculously mismatched fight since Muhammad Ali beat Superman in the 70’s (I am not making that one up). It sounds crazy until you see a 55 year old Bruce Wayne in an armored suit that would make Iron Man jealous. In what can only be described as a superhero street brawl, Batman beats Superman to a pulp – Who saw that coming?

Batman vs. the Joker in The Dark Knight Returns

Frank Millar’s 1986 classic graphic novel contains another great fight, the final battle between the Batman and the Joker. After a decade of inactivity, the Joker gets himself released from captivity and quickly booked on a late night TV show. In a horrific act (that should have surprised no one), the Joker kills everyone in the TV studio. A very pissed Batman then beats the crap out of the Joker and breaks his neck – Bye, bye Joker.


Batman vs. Ra’s al Ghul in The Resurrection of Ra’s al Ghul

Ra’s Al Ghul is one of the more complex Batman villains. He is a several hundred year old terrorist who looks to perfect the world by killing most of the people that live in it. He is also as crazy about the Batman as his daughter is (they have a son together), and once looked at Batman as a successor to lead his organization. In The Resurrection of Ra’s al Ghul, the two foes fight like dogs resulting in Batman sending Ghul to Arkham Asylum, where he is drugged and rendered immobile – Goodnight and farewell.


Batman vs. Predator in Batman versus Predator

So the crazy dreadlocked alien from space comes to earth and starts killing mob bosses and political figures, which quickly grabs the attention of Batman. Not unlike his battle with Bane, Bruce takes a severe beating which leads to the Predator hunting the Batman as the ultimate prey. Batman eventually (and barely) beats the Predator, who then kills himself with a sword – Batman 1/Predator 0

Batman vs. Captain America in DC vs. Marvel Comics

The battle between Batman and Captain America was decided by the fans, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a great battle. During the days of Marvel vs. DC, the two icons squared off for a long and drawn out battle in the sewers of Gotham city. Both men were evenly matched; Batman’s vaunted hand to hand fighting skills made him a match for the super soldier of WWII. It wasn’t until Batman scored a lucky blow with a Batarang that he was able to defeat the distracted Captain America. – The Bat beats Cap.

Batman vs. Bronze Tiger in The Vengeance Vow

In DC Comics it is generally assumed that Batman is the best fighter around, virtually unbeatable in any normal fight. Apparently Ben Turner (the Bronze Tiger) never made those assumptions, because he has no problem kicking Batman’s ass. The Bronze Tiger was a martial artist who was also involved in the League of Assassins and the Suicide Squad. When the two first tangled the Tiger quickly dropped Batman to his knees with a foot to the midsection, which ended the fight. Ouch pt. 2.


Batman vs. The Justice League in Identity Crisis

You can’t fool the Batman. How hard is that to understand? You can’t pull one over on him, you can’t trick him; this guy solves mysteries as a professional hobby. Well the Justice League thought they were smarter than the “World’s Greatest Detective” and they erased his memory after he objected to their alteration of a supervillain’s personality. In a battle that was mostly mental, Batman deduced what happened, quit the Justice League and built a satellite to keep tabs on everybody.  – Now only Batman knows who is naughty or nice.


Batman vs. Azreal in Batman: Knightfall

Remember the time that guy Bane broke Batman’s back? Well Batman was on the injured list for so long that he had to call in for a substitute, and that worked out for a while. Well all good things come to an end, and once substitute Batman, Azreal (Jean-Paul Valley) started to come real close to killing criminals, Batman demanded that he step down. The resulting struggle for the mantle of the Batman results in a series of fights and concession of defeat in the Batcave.  – The Batsuit is not one size fits all.


Batman vs. Guy Gardner in Justice League International

Green Lantern (Guy Gardner) wields the most powerful weapon in the universe, a green ring that can conjure anything the wearer can imagine. He also wields a hefty chip on his shoulder, supported by a cloak of sarcasm. In a show of misplaced bravado, Gardner challenged Batman’s authority and said that he didn’t need his power ring to take Batman on. A minute later he was out cold on the floor. – One punch Wayne wins again.