Top 10 Comic Book Documentaries

Top 10 Comic Book Documentaries

Gift giving can always be a tumultuous time in our lives. I know that looking for the perfect gift is a hard hustle but it must be done. If you’re out shopping for the Dork/Nerd in your life and he happens to be consumed (as I am) with the world of comic books then allow me to make your task easier.

Most older comic book fans are not just interested in reading comics; they also want to learn about the medium. Over the years many comic book documentaries have been released covering everything from the heyday to the dark times and all ages in between. I’ve compiled what I feel are the ten best comic book documentaries. Most of these are available either at your local video store, online or through the dark underbelly of bootlegs. Being the time of giving if any of our readers can think of one I forgot please let me know.

10. Comic Books Unbound

 This is the newest and most current documentary about comics and it’s a pretty good one. Instead of looking simply at the history of comics CBU looks in depth at the influence comic books have had on movies. From the early serials to The Dark Knight this documentary has it all.

Interviews include Guillermo Del Toro, Stan Lee, Neal Adams, Ron Perlman, Mike Mignola, Paul Pope, Jim Steranko and a host of others. One of the best sections is when Roger Corman explains the origin of the little seen Corman Fantastic Four. Really amazing stuff.

**WRITER’S NOTE: I know there is an amazing Documentary on Will Eisner out now but I haven’t seen it which is why I didn’t include it.