Confessions of a Male (Hand) Model

Confessions of a Male (Hand) Model

CraveOnline correspondent Nathan Jordan’s long-awaited memoir about the amateur male modeling industry, "Confessions of a Male Model", hits stores next Tuesday. CraveOnline was lucky enough to get a sneak peak at the book before it starts flying off of bookshelves, and we’re proud to present an exclusive excerpt from the book that you’ll only see here!




As one of the world’s most respected amateur male models, I have to say that to this day I still get excited when I book a hand-modeling gig.

Here I model some jewelry.


Maybe these hand gigs remind me of my humble origins. Maybe it’s the simplicity that’s involved; there’s no make-up, little prep time, just a quick manicure and the shoot begins. Maybe it’s the anonymity of it all. Whatever it is, whether the shoot is for jewelry, gloves, watches, or cosmetics, nothing beats a great hand job.


I still remember my first hand job. It was given to me by the leader of my Boy Scout troop when I was just 13. He was making a photo mural of the different badges, and he asked me to hold them as he photographed each one. I remember feeling this tingling feeling inside, like I was doing something I shouldn’t be doing. It may have been guilt or shame. After all, I should have been using that time to tie knots or build a bird house, but here I was performing my first hand job. I may have only been 13 at the time, much too young to know what I was doing, but after it was over I knew one thing, I loved hand jobs.


My first hand job!


As I got older and more comfortable using my hands, I’d go around the city seeking more and more hand jobs. I’d give free hand jobs to guys on the streets wearing overcoats just to get some practice. Instead of hiding their watches in their coats, they’d get a professional hand job for free as I’d stand there modeling their watches for them. It wasn’t glamorous by any means, all-day hand jobs can really make your wrist tired, but it was mutually beneficial for both parties.  You see, no matter how many free hand jobs it took, I was going to make it to the top!


Here’s an ad I did for some lotion.


By the time I was 21 I had a reputation around town as the go-to-guy for hand jobs. Sometimes I would do six or seven a day until I couldn’t even lift my arm anymore. It was hard work, but it paid well. But what was most important was that despite the hand cramping, despite the occasional fungal infection , despite the blood, sweat and tears, I still loved hand jobs. And that’s what modeling is all about, love. That and blow jobs.