Legend of Neil: Season 1

Legend of Neil: Season 1

Episode 1: Welcome to Hyrule

In the first episode of this delightful homage to everyone’s favorite action–adventure fantasy game, Neil learns the hard way that you shouldn’t masturbate while playing Nintendo. Or maybe you should… you’ll just have to keep watching.

Episode 2: Octorocks

Neil struggles to adapt to the rules of this strange new world, kind of like Alice in Wonderland, or like Link in Hyrule (if you prefer analogies that aren’t comparisons as much as direct explanations).

Episode 3: Sex Fairy

Just like Zelda the game, Legend of Neil teaches us important lessons about racial tolerance and casual sex with fairies.

Episode 4: Skeletons in Link’s Closet

Neil may have learned how to shoot lasers out of his sword and defeat Octoroks, but will he be able to overcome his dumb face and stupid brain?

Episode 5: Fog equals power!

Have you met Old Man’s brother, Old Man? He’s left-handed, good with potions and he’s really great at explaining how maps work. If you can get past the Tourette’s…

The Legend of Neil Season 1 Finale

If the enemy of your friend is your enemy, and the friend of your enemy is your enemy, what happens when your enemy is your BFF?

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