8,000 Disneyland Tickets Were Stolen Because Who Can Honestly Afford To Go There?

Photo: Barry King/WireImage (Getty Images)

I’ve never been to Disneyland, but I have been to Disney World and that was years ago. And even back then the ticket prices were absurd. But if you want to take your family to the former, you know how much it’s going to cost? About $97 for one ticket. That’s right. One. What’s that? You want a one-day park-hopper? It’s going to cost you $167 per ticket. So yeah, regular families can’t go off and see a bunch of grown ups in costume. So I totally get why thieves decided to steal 8,000 Disneyland tickets.

According to WFTV, unknown thieves were able to steal a box trailer from a youth agricultural education organization. The California Highway Patrol says the trailer is owned by Future Farmers of America and was stolen from the group’s office in the city of Galt, south of Sacramento.

Aside from the batch of tickets to the House of Mouse, the trailer also had a bunch of audio and visual equipment, as well as awards and registration paper for use at the group’s upcoming annual leadership conference in Anaheim. But no personal student information were part of the docs.

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Bad news for the thieve though as the stolen tickets have been digitally canceled and will be replaced for the FFA Association. So yeah, so much for going to Disneyland to celebrate the perfect crime.