The Best of Geek Body Painting

The Best of Geek Body Painting

Over the past few years the art of cosplay (costume play) has become less and less of a convention abnormality and more of a geeks wet dream.    While there are many forms of cosplay, that I will gladly share with you in the upcoming months, one of the most eye catching is the art of body painting.

I mean, come on!   What better way to showcase the love of your favorite characters from movies, comics, video games and anime than to spray paint your naked body with layers of colors and take  photos for millions of people to see.   Am I right?

Having the perfect body, the right amount of self esteem and the most talented artists are all keys to nailing this artform and the photos below are all perfect examples of nailing it. I’m sure that the photos are not the only things you would like to nail …

We’ll start off with the creme de la creme.   The ultimate in geek cosplay.   You know her as the holographic hottie from Halo.   The one … the only…


Here is a gallery of some of the best body painting art … that is geek inspired!


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