New Study Suggests Essential Oils Can Lead To Men Growing Breasts

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I often joked that if I woke up one day with boobs, I would call in sick and play with my new toys at home all day. But in 2018, men growing tits is no longer a joke.

According to Newsweek, researchers from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) found that eight chemicals in essential oils disrupt hormones to the point where men who are exposed to those chemicals are “at risk of developing large breasts.”

That’s right, guys. Not just breasts but large breasts.

“Our society deems essential oils as safe,” lead study author J. Tyler Ramsey said. “However, they possess a diverse amount of chemicals and should be used with caution because some of these chemicals are potential endocrine disruptors.”

But before you go door-to-door asking people to throw away all of their lavender, there are several things to consider before suggesting that all essential oils will lead to moobs.

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“There are important factors that must be taken into account when interpreting these results,” honorary consultant pediatric endocrinologist at the Queens Medical Research Institute Dr. Rod Mitchell said. “The tests are conducted in cancer cells, which may not represent the situation in normal breast tissue. The concentration (dose) to which the cells are exposed may not be equivalent to exposure in humans. There is a complex relationship between estrogen, testosterone and other hormones in the body, that cannot be replicated in these experiments.”

Yeah, I’m not taking any chances. I’m pretty sure I can live without lavender to make sure that the only pair of breasts in my household belongs to my wife.