Houston Zumba Studio Busted For Actually Being An Illegal Casino

Photo: lcodacci (Getty Images)

I’ll take a slot in the 4:30 Aqua Zumba class, and what the hell, how about 50 bucks on red?

According to UPI, there is no dancing around gambling laws in Houston’s Precinct 5, and we know this because their Major Offenders Unit raided an illegal casino that was disguised as a Zumba dance studio Wednesday night, arresting one attendant who was working inside at the time.

Instead of people dropping a few pounds through dancing and aerobic movements performed to energetic music, people walking inside the “studio” were dropping mad cash in “dozens of gaming machines” in hopes of striking it rich.

Located in a strip mall in southwest Houston, the fake Zumba dance studio looked from the outside like a joint that was still recovering from Hurricane Ike, but on the inside, it was nothing but bright lights, slot machines and a crap ton of cash. Police said they “seized more than 40 motherboards from the illegal machines as well as thousands of dollars in cash” during their Wednesday night raid.

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It’s unknown what the casino’s patrons will do from here on out to get their gambling fix, but by the looks of things, they probably won’t have to walk more than a few blocks to find a back-alley floating craps game.