‘No Dad Left Behind” Ensures All Dads Will Stay Cool And Up-To-Date

Photo: splendens (Getty)

As someone who is not a dad, and as someone who considers himself to be slightly cool (but barely), I do get concerned at the thought of my cool radar taking a dive if I ever have kids. Because let’s be honest, unless you’re a rockstar or Elon Musk, dads aren’t cool. But not to worry, because the lovely folks at The Dad have just the solution for all you dads out there.

“No Dad Left Behind” is a brilliant program that allows people to sponsor a dad, and to learn all about updates on how they are doing on their path back to being cool. Hell, they even send these dads material needed to become knowledgable on what it takes to not only be cool, but to remain cool.

Take a look at the hilarious video below:

So as you can see there is still hope out there for all you dads out there that find themselves struggling to keep up with everything that is hip and cool these days. And if you find yourself wearing a pair of cargo shorts and have a blue tooth in your ear, it’s pretty much over for you. Just give up on everything.