Chinese Man Thought He Was Raising A Puppy But It Turned Out To Be An Asian Black Bear

Photo: OSTILL (Getty)

Remember when Michelle’s mom found a stripper’s anal beads in American Wedding and then used them as a neck massager? Well, this is kind of like that, but then again, not really.

According to the South China Morning Post, a man in southwestern China’s Yunnan province thought he found a puppy when he was “foraging for mushrooms in the mountains near his home” in April 2015, so he brought it home to keep as a pet. Well, fast forward to February 2018, and the guy’s puppy had grown to a massive 176 pounds.

The reason it turned into the Andre the Giant of dogs? You guessed it – it was really a bear.

The dude, known only as “Yang,” turned over the bear to a local animal welfare center late last month after realizing the beast was an Asian black bear, which is a “second-level protected species in China.” Under different circumstances, keeping one of those bad boys as a pet without getting the proper permits would result in a fine of $475, but since Yang was extremely cooperative with authorities and did not harm the bear while it was in his care, they decided to waive the fine and just take away his best friend for the past three years instead.

No word on why it took so long for Yang to realize the animal he found in the mountains near his home was not a dog, but if you ask us, our guess is that some of his ancestors are from Florida.