Girl Improvises Hilarious Song When She Thinks She’s Alone On Train, She Isn’t

Photo: littleny (Getty)

If you’ve ever found yourself riding the train all by yourself you will quickly come to realize that it is quite the freeing experience. It gives you the chance to take a deep breath and pause from the chaos of life. It also gives you the chance to completely do whatever the hell you want. Well one girl named Stevie decided that this was the perfect time to improvise a fantastic song about being alone on the train. The only issue? She wasn’t alone.

Twitter Adam Broud recently shared a video of his friend Stevie that shows her on the train — a train she thinks she’s riding alone, so of course she breaks out into a song. But it’s the twist at the end of the video that really makes this video complete gold. Take a look at it below:

Incredible. It also makes you want to be friends with Stevie because you know her songbook is, as the kids say, “lit.” And Twitter was all on board with this hilarious turn of events:

And now you’ll have her jingle stuck in your head all day.