Three Cheers For This Tortoise Who Saved His Entire Species By Having A Ton Of Sex

Screengrab: Facebook/San Diego Zoo

So, what have you done with your life lately?

Imagine having the future of your entire species on your shoulders. Imagine being the last hope for your kind. Well that’s the pressure that a Galapagos tortoise named Diego had on his shell. But don’t worry, because Diego, who is over 100-years-old, was up to the challenge and actually came…through.

Diego has already father about 800 offspring, saving his species from extinction. Now that’s something he can brag about.

Here’s what Washington Tapia, who is a tortoise preservation specialist at Galapagos National Park, had to say about Diego:

“He’s a very sexually active male reproducer. He’s contributed enormously to repopulating the island.”

Hey, thanks for the update, Mr. Tapia!

There were only two males and 12 females left on the Galapagos island, so Diego and his horny ways where move to a nearby Santa Cruz island from San Diego Zoo in order to do what he does best: perv out. And now because of that Galapagos can see another day, and another another 100 years.

Unfortunately, Galapagos aren’t the only animals on the brink of extinction as humans and their awful ways have ruined pretty much everything, so now we have to work overtime to make sure these animals don’t go away. We need more of Diego, that’s for sure.

h/t Unilad.UK

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