Zombies Took Over Illinois According To Man Who Crashed Car Into Airport Terminal To Escape

Photo: leolintang (Getty)

Since I’m one of the few people left who still watches The Walking Dead, I sometimes think what I would do during a zombie takeover. My survival skills are probably terrible so chances are I wouldn’t last long. But Justin Deemie was prepared for the zombie takeover that apparently happened in Illinois.

The 27-year-old, thinking zombies were taking over, stole a car, drove to an airport terminal and smashed into it and then made his way onto the tarmac, where he hopped on a vacant plane in hopes of getting the hell out of there

The Smoking Gun

According to investigators, Deemie was under the influence of narcotics on February 17 when he became convinced that a zombie invasion was near. Deemie is accused of breaking into the home of a neighbor, Larhonda Gonzalez, around 3 AM and stealing the keys to her Ford Escape.

Deemie then drove the stolen SUV to the Peoria airport, where he sought to crash into the terminal. He then somehow bypassed security and got aboard an empty plane parked on the tarmac.

Deemie subsequently fled the stationary plane and, with the aid of a brick, tried to break into a Peoria County Sheriff’s Office squad car that was parked nearby. As first reported by the Journal Star, Deemie planned to drive the cop car to Florida.

Let me get this straight. He wanted to drive to Florida? Being in Florida is worse than being bitten by zombies.

Deemie was eventually arrested and charged with home invasion, burglary, criminal damage and possession of a stolen vehicle and is looking at 30 years behind bars. Well, at least he will be safe from any zombies behind bars.

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