Dad Makes Son Run To School In The Rain As Punishment For Bullying

Photo: mrohana (Getty)

Bullying is still an issue and plenty of young people are victims of it everyday, and unfortunately sometimes it gets so out of hand that tragedies occur. So one dad is making sure that his son quits bullying other children. And how is he making sure of that? By handing out one bizarre punishment.

Bryan Thornhill, from Virginia, has gone viral after he shared a video on his Facebook that shows his ten-year-old son Hayden running to school in the rain — about one mile in distance. Thornton did this after he learned his son got kicked off the bus for three days after “he was being a little bully,” something Thornton says “he does not tolerate.”

“Therefore he has to now to run to school … all week he’s got the experience of running to school,” Thornton states in the video. “The good news is he keeps up a pretty good mile pace at six miles an hour so far and even though it’s raining this morning he still gets to run.”

Thornton shared two 13-minute videos of Hayden running. Check out one of them below:

Here’s what else Thornton has to say about his bizarre punishment:

“This ain’t killing anybody. This is a healthy way for a child to be punished because it’s exercise.  Sometimes it sucks for them but that’s what teaches them. He’s going to be a very fast runner later on. Not only am I saving his life from hell but I’m saving his life from unhealthy.”


Mr Thornhill, who is pro-guns, said his parenting style was also an effective form of “gun control” because it taught his children how to behave. He suggested that school shooters were often the product of parents who hadn’t disciplined them severely enough.

“I’m sure someone will get all bent out of shape: ‘Oh child abuse, a child running’,” he said. “Yep I’ll let you know when your son is getting a 45 out of my safe. You all have a blessed day and enjoy and if you need anything for your kids, feel free to send them to Bryan’s bootcamp, no charge.”

Well, not only may Hayden stop bullying, but he may end up winning a gold medal in track one day. That or he will end up hating his father.

What do you think of this punishment? Too much? Are you on this dad’s side?

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