Texas Man Shoots And Kills Friend During ‘Bulletproof Vest Game’


I played a game the other night, and even though the other two players lost, they both went home with a pulse and a few glasses of wine in them. You see, kids, that’s what makes it a game. Even when you lose, you literally still live to see another day.

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for one Texas man who lost his life when his “friend” fired a shot at his “bulletproof” vest and wound up killing him in a “game” gone wrong.

According to the New York Post, Jason Griffin was charged with manslaughter, unlawful possession of a firearm and felon in possession of a gun after he tried to sell his friend a bulletproof vest but wound up killing him instead.

Photo: Houston Police Dept.

“He went there to sell a friend a flak jacket,” the 39-year-old Griffin’s girlfriend Mary Warstler said. “It’s so bad because he didn’t know the gun was loaded. [Griffin] even asked, ‘Brother, do you want me to cinch that up for you?’ But they were playing this stupid game going around. He said, ‘Shoot me.'”

“Well, he didn’t think there was nothing in it, and he did,” she continued. “And the dude went, ‘Fuck, that hurt’ and then he dropped. And then Jason ripped the vest off of him and tried to help him.”

Mmmm. Stupid indeed, but I think the dumbest point of the story is that this vest is being referred to as a “bulletproof” vest. Obviously, that wasn’t the case.

No word if the Post will offer a retraction later this week.

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