Toddler Becomes Meme After Trying Pizza For First Time

Photo: sola deo gloria (Getty)

Do you remember the first time you had a slice of pizza? Hell, do you remember the first time you had any type of food that completely changed your mind? You don’t? Well one little girl will always have proof of the first time she had a slice of pizza, and in that proof she will see what looks like an important moment in her young life.

Twitter user Jody Avirgan, a podcast host who also does work for FiveThirtyEight and 30for30, recently shared a photo of his todder with her eyes closed and both arms raised in the sky as if she had been spoken to by God himself. And that’s the best way to describe it because Avirgan’s daughter had just tried pizza for the first time.

Take a look at the perfect photo below:

We get it. We truly do. And because the internet is always quick on their cyber toes, memes immediately followed after. Have a look at the best ones:


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