‘Influencer’ Web Series Proves Viral Fame Can’t Hold A Candle To Gen Z’s Attention Span

Photo: YouTube

If you’ve been following Mandatory for any length of time, you probably know Luke Mones best as the Boompole Guy who irritates unsuspecting New Yorkers with his lengthy interview tactics (pun intended). But now he’s back with his own webseries — co-created by Steve Tooke — which tackles the important issues. Namely by pointing out that you can never go viral twice…

…or can you?

Influencer follows Luke, the star of a famous (albeit dumb) internet video from 2007 called “Candle Hands.” Now, a decade later, he is an irrelevant laughingstock, attempting to break into the world of Gen Z social media influencers. Does he have what it takes? We wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise, so how about you just check out the first episode for yourself.

You can check out all six on YouTube now that you’re hooked. We assure you that the laughs are just getting started.

Influencer also stars Jaboukie Young-White, Carmen Christopher, Emily Lynne, Alyssa Limperis, and Brian McCann. With a comedy lineup like that, who could say no to lightning striking twice?

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