Sculptor Creates Super Accurate Clay Model Of Doc Brown From ‘Back To The Future’

Photo: Universal Pictures

As a kid, like many kids, I was a big fan of Play-Doh. But unfortunately I was terrible at creating anything as I usually ended up with something that looked like it was run over by a car. And one time it actually was. So of course I moved on to Legos which was more up my alley. But there are people out there that are fantastic when it comes to working with clay. One of those people is Juliana LePine.

If you haven’t heard of LePine, she’s a very talented sculptor from Brazil who currently has 41k subscribers on YouTube. LeRose’s videos focus on her clay modeling skills as she makes clay versions of many celebrities and characters. But right now we have to focus on her most recent creation: a clay model version of Dr. Emmett Brown from Back to the Future.

Have a look at the incredible video below:

At the moment this video has over 200,000 views. But Doc isn’t the only person LePine has clayed-up. She also once did Freddie Mercury.

Check out more of LePine’s work here. And now to try and tackle Play-Doh again.

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