Mascot Asking People To Use Less Water Is Horrifying Everyone

Photo: Twitter

The city of Cape Town in South Africa is in crises mode and it is asking its citizens to use less water as the city is at a risk of running out. So the city is doing everything in their power to get the word out — everything from apps, to Twitter campaigns. But the nation’s Department of Water and Sanitation has decided to go the mascot route. And let’s just say that this mascot is the stuff that nightmares are made of.

Why, God? Just tell me why.

This mascot goes by the name of “Splash,” and the #SaveWater mascot is supposed to be a water droplet, who is wearing a tight green suit, with something that looks like a gold diaper. But I just want to know why Splash looks like he wants to steal my soul.

The Department of Water and Sanitation had this to say:

“The #SaveWater ambassador programme is a multi-sectoral initiative that includes a wide array of partners including Miss Earth SA, Operation SA, Tsogo Sun to ensure that Department works collaboratively with stakeholders to find solutions to the challenge of water scarcity.”

While I hope this all goes well for Cape Town, I still can’t get over this mascot that I’m pretty sure Stephen King created. Take a look at the other responses from the internet:

Good luck sleeping, kids.

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