What Is It About Cold Food That Makes People Attack Employees?

Photo: Ljupco (Getty)

I’m baffled when I learn that people have no problem eating cold pizza, as that truly is an abomination. But hey, I dig my pizza hot. But you know what? I’m sure if I got a cold slice of pizza I wouldn’t throw a fit, and I certainly wouldn’t attack that poor dude at Domino’s who gave it to me. So what in the hell goes through the mind of someone who goes bonkers and gets violent in response to cold food?

Just like the customers who completely destroyed a Chick-fil-A after receiving cold food, 19-year-old Corinthian Jones also went nuts when she got a Cuban sandwich that wasn’t warm enough. Jones purchased the sandwich from 7-Eleven, and when she realized it wasn’t hot things went bonkers.

Photo: Manatee County jail

According to a deputy, “Jones took a couple of bites from one half of the sandwich and discovered it was cold.” Jones then asked the clerk Victoria Vazquez to reheat the Cuban sandwich or return her money. When Vasquez finally agree to reheat the sandwich, Jones grabbed the sandwich and threw it at Vazquez’ face. And that was enough for Jones to be arrested for battery.

Even though she took a delicious Cuban sandwich to the face, Vasquez was fine.

Here’s how this could have all been avoided: don’t go to 7-Eleven expecting to get top-notch food, it just won’t happen. Now if you go expecting some mediocre Tacquitos and a bucket of sugar from the Slurpee machine, well you’ve come to the right place.

via The Smoking Gun

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