Remember The Time A Basketball Player In Canada Was Allowed To Use His Real Last Name Which Is The ‘F-Word’?

Photo: MGM/UA Entertainment Co. (Getty)

F*ck was terrific last night is something that you might be reading in the local paper in Medicine Hat, Alberta in the very near future.

A couple of years ago, according to CBC News, a Brazilian-born college basketball player named Guy Carbagiale Fuck is stoked that he’ll finally be able to use his real last name on the back of his jersey. And we won’t censor it that time around because it’s actually his last name. Kind of like Greg Focker from Meet the Parents.

After joining the Medicine Hat Rattlers in 2014, school officials at Medicine Hat College asked him – for obvious reasons – to do them a solid and just go by Guy Carbagiale. He obliged, but he wasn’t very thrilled about it. It was only after he and his team made it to the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association men’s basketball championships in March 2015 that he was finally able to use his real last name, and it made him rethink the deal he made with his school.

“It’s my last name, I’m proud of it,” Fuck said. “Doesn’t matter if it means something bad.”

And the great news is that Fuck plans on passing along his storied name to a whole new generation of Fucks, and we know that because a reporter asked him if he was going to change his last name.

“No, no, no,” Fuck said. “I want to have kids, I want to spread the Fuck last name.

And that’s just fucking terrific.

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