Illinois High School Teacher Is Sorry For Throwing Cocaine And Drug Dealers Into Her Math Questions

Photo: jabejon (Getty)

If you’re looking at this with a “glass half-full” frame of mind, then hey, at least he didn’t fuck any of his students.

According to Fox 2 Now, parents of some freshman math students at Roxana Senior High School are not too pleased with their teacher after he gave them two questions that involved cocaine and drug dealers.

The first question went something like this:

“You take 600mg of cocaine, your body filters out 40% per hour, how high are you in three hours?”

That gem was followed up by this dandy:

“Unfortunately, you can’t pay your dealer, so she sets up a payment. You owe her $1,000 at 25% daily, how much do you owe one year later?”

School officials said that the teacher apologized for using the questions in his class, and they are treating it as “a personnel matter according to district policy.”

We’re not sure what that means, but we’re pretty sure the answer to the first question is “plenty.” Although, it really won’t matter if you’ve taken six or seven pills of ecstasy. And as far as the second question goes, it’s absolute bull shit. If you still didn’t have your debt paid off a year later, you’d be buried somewhere behind the local IKEA.

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