Meme Vs. Meme: Distracted Boyfriend Vs. Left Exit 12 Off Ramp

It would appear we are at a bit of a meme stalemate. That is to say, more often than not, a more recent, popular meme is often the same joke as the previous one, only repackaged with a different visual. Case in point: What is the difference between one of 2017’s most popular memes Distracted Boyfriend and the late 2017 entry which quickly gained traction in 2018 Left Exit 12 Off Ramp? Before you choose a preference (if that’s even possible), take a look at some of the best gags each has to offer. Then take to social and cast your vote below!

Distracted Boyfriend Vs. Left Exit 12 Off Ramp

We realize that up until this point, our competitions have been a bit subjective. It’s easy to pick a winner when you’re the only contributing opinion. So we’d like to open up the floor to you, the loyal Mandatory fan. Are you satisfied with Distracted Boyfriend, or would you rather see him get chewed up in the tires of Exit 12’s wake?

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