Bikini Football Players You Should Know About

Have you heard about bikini football? It’s one of the most popular sports nowadays (well, at least it should be) and involves a bunch of scantily clad women showing off their skills on the field. Unlike in the regular, dare we say boring football, there’s never a dull moment here. Even when the actual play isn’t all that exciting, you can always spend your time watching the sexy girls as they run around and tackle each other. In order to help you become a bikini football enthusiast, we’ve decided to show you a couple of its brightest young, promising stars. Your life will never be the same again.

Quincy Hewitt

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We begin our list of the sexiest female bikini football players with the gorgeous Quincy Hewitt. She plays corner for the Los Angeles Temptation and, at 5’8 and 158 pounds, is a force to be reckoned with on the field. As you can see from her Instagram photo, while she’s playing, she looks pretty much like a sexy version of a Robocop and we absolutely love her for it.

Danika Brace

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You should probably brace yourself for Danika Brace’s Instagram photos. Seattle Mist’s tight end is no doubt a talented bikini football player. She started her career as an offense player for Las Vegas Sin, but eventually decided that defense is more her thing. Besides being extremely fit like most other bikini babes, Danika also has mesmerizingly beautiful eyes that she, no doubt, uses both on and off the field.

Dakota Hughes

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It’s time we introduced a quarterback on our list and it’s none other than the amazing Dakota Hughes. This seemingly tame and shy girl is something of a fierce leader on the field that brought Atlanta Steam countless touchdowns. However, when she’s not dominating in bikini football, Dakota is actually studying journalism, so there’s certainly more to her than meets the eye. Here’s a photo of her in action. You have to admit that it’s beautiful in a number of ways.

Danielle DiCaterino

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Danielle DiCaterino plays for Atlanta Steam and wears a number 7. That is all the information you need to find her on the field and enjoy her athletic abilities. If you take a look at DiCaterino’s Instagram photos, you really can’t tell if she looks better while playing bikini football or just resting in one very lucky Jacuzzi  bathtub. Besides this, Danielle is also a personal trainer, so if you don’t feel very fit or just want to work with someone gorgeous, give her a call.

Deena Fagiano

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You can’t watch LFL (Legends Football League) without knowing who Deena Fagiano is. This Chicago Bliss player is a fan favorite and an absolute beauty. This is one of the most recognizable stars when it comes to bikini football. Her Instagram page is full of great photos, but we’ve chosen this one simply because it brings out her eyes. OK, not just the eyes…

Michelle Angel

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We’ll end this list with yet another (you’ve guessed it) beautiful bikini football player – Michelle Angel. Don’t let her heavenly name fool you, Angel is a dangerous opponent on the field and will astound you with her athletic skills. Besides the obviously hot body, one of Angel’s main features is certainly her enchanting blue eyes. One look at this photo will make you the greatest LFL fan in a matter of seconds.

What do you think about these bikini football babes? Which one is your favorite for now?