Frankfurt Police Thought A Gift Left Under A Tree For The Homeless Was A Bomb So They Blew It Up

Photo: tzeiler (Getty)

If you’re thinking about getting something for those less fortunate in the Frankfurt, Germany area this holiday season, you should really think about just putting it in their hands instead of wrapping it up and throwing it under a Christmas tree in a public area.

According to The Sun, Frankfurt police cleared the area known as “Christmas Market” around 10:10 a.m. today and called in the bomb squad after a “suspicious package” was found underneath the giant tree. That package? You guessed it – it was actually a gift for the homeless.

Well, at least it was a gift for the homeless, as police blew the thing up thinking it was some kind of bomb or disruptive device. That obviously wasn’t the case, but welcome to 2017, kids, where police aren’t fucking around anymore.

After admitting their mistake, the Frankfurt police jumped on Twitter to let everybody know that it was a “well intentioned but unfortunately placed” gift, but the area was now clear to come back and pretend that all is well in the world.

No word as to what the gift for the homeless was, but police said it was “the size of a shoebox and in wrapping paper.” Then our guess is that it was either a new set of kicks or somebody’s pot stash.

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