The Week’s Funniest GIFs 12-21-17

It’s a holiday tradition here at Mandatory to throw together a Christmas-themed GIF roundup the week closest to the the 25th. But seeing as how it was me that came up with that tradition for reasons unknown to even myself, I’m foregoing it. You can call me a grinch if you’d like, but it really just boils down to one easy question: are GIFs funnier when there are no limits to what you’ll see next, or when they are limited to one measly day of the year that isn’t particularly humorous by nature?

So, for all those reasons and no more, the header GIF above is all you get. And considering it’s more text “LOL” to a friend funny than actually laughing out loud, I stand firmly by my decision. But as for that tree, TIMBERRRRR!!!

Funniest GIFs 12-21-17

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Did that last GIF leave you wanting more? Well, as that a-hole said to Oliver Twist, “Last week’s hilarious GIFs are still very much fair game if you’re looking for seconds.” Or something like that anyways.