Dude Dies After Coworkers Shoot Compressed Air Up His Butt

Screenshot: YouTube

Let me first kick off this story by telling you all that we have no idea if this actually occurred or not. But there is a reenactment video and you folks have read enough bizarre stories that this one most likely actually happened.

Police in Saitama, Japan, recently arrested two men under suspicion of manstalughter after they killed their coworker by shooting compressed air up his rear. Yes, folks, we just said that. According to police, two of the employees, a 47-year-old, and a 36-year-old Peruvian national, held down their 44-year-old male coworker named Yoshiyuki Koguchi, and then used an industrial strength air compressor to shoot air through the man’s pants and right into his butt.

Well what was supposed to be a joke turned deadly as Koguchi’s abdomen swelled, forcing his “pals” to take him to the hospital where he died soon after. Now we are not making fun of this at all, but there was a reenactment video of this incident made and hell, it’s difficult not to laugh at this animation.

Japan KYO

The two suspects have explained that the three men were on a break from work at the time of the incident. Although initially they were using the air compressor to blow dirt and grime off of their work clothes, eventually they began using it to “play around.”

Both suspects have admitted to the allegations, telling police that “They were horsing around” and they “did not think it would turn into such a major incident.”

According to reports, Koguchi’s death was due to injuries he sustained to his internal organs. An early report noted the possibility of the cause of death being acute peritonitis.

This sounds like a terrible joke gone bad and now two idiots may behind spend some time in prison. So if there’s a lesson to be learned here is don’t play with compressed air or there’s a possibility you will end up in a hilarious animated video.

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