$220,000 Worth Of Pot Mistakenly Shipped To TCBY Yogurt Shop

Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

I bet customers are loving their new yogurt flavor.

It was a typical day for employees at a TCBY frozen yogurt shop in North Carolina — just feeding hungry customers. Well, it was typical until one of the employees happened to open up three boxes delivered to the business only to find $220,000 worth of good old marijuana.

$220,000 Worth Of Pot Mistakenly Shipped To TCBY Yogurt Shop

According to Charlotte-Mecklenburg police, the employee at the shop at the Providence Plantation Shopping Center in Matthews opened the shipment that arrived earlier this month and found all that pot.

Police discovered that the yogurt shop was of course not supposed to get that package as it was actually meant for the store next door. So yeah, not exactly meant for all those yogurt-loving folks.

No arrests have been made as of yet, but the investigation is currently ongoing. And something tells me that that yogurt shop will be seeing a lot more customers in the very near future — mainly from high school students who enjoy wearing beanies and playing hacky sack.

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