Florida Woman Pleasures Herself With Female Officer’s Arm

Photo: kali9 (Getty)

Yes, you read that headline right. And it would be shocking if it didn’t take place in Florida.

Nicole Shankster, a 34-year woman from Clearwater, was sitting in a bus shelter when she decided to have a good time by herself. And what did she do? Well she drank a bottle of Skol Vodka and started “simulating sex acts” in broad view of passing motorists.

Florida Woman Pleasures Herself With Female Officer’s Arm

When police arrived things got even more bizarre. Shankster kept using racial slurs when addressing the black female cop, Officer Ashley Mehler. And when she was being restrained from “masturbating while in police custody,” Mehler says that Shankster intentionally sexually satisfied herself on Mehler’s left arm and then licked her right arm. OK…

Shankster was of course arrested and handed a felony batter on a law enforcement officer. Oh, Shankster was also charged with disorderly intoxication.

So yes, that’s probably one of the strangest masturbation stories we’ve heard this year.

h/t The Smoking Gun

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