Today’s Funny Photos 12-19-17

Today is the last Tuesday of the rest of your life…in 2017. Sure, there is still the 26th coming next week, but hopefully you’ll be on vacation, so that doesn’t really count. Plus, if you play your cards right, you’ll still be in a food coma from the day before and sleep through the whole thing.

However, if you plan to sleep through today’s edition of funny photos, then you are missing out. Not only will your not get your daily recommended dose of laughs, but we’ll probably stick your hand in warm water and watch you wet yourself uncontrollably. Sorry, but those are just the rules.

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Today’s Funny Photos 12-19-17

funny photos 12-19-17 funny photos 12-19-17 funny photos 12-19-17 funny photos 12-19-17

We’d say it doesn’t get any lower than this, but we forgot about Arkansas: Arkansas Woman Sends Pictures Of Herself Instead Of Her Car To Insurance Agency

Ponder on that while we make a break for Page 2.