The Week’s Funniest GIFs 12-14-17

A good GIF only comes around ten, maybe thirteen, times a week. Whether or not you believe that, it’s what we’re handing to you in another uproarious edition of the funniest moving pictures we could find around the web. Take it or leave it. But if you do take it, would you mind recommending it to friends as well? It’s called spreading the love, people. Ever heard of it?

…on second thought, I think I actually got GIFs confused with Jif peanut butter there for a minute. At this point in my life, I watch so much TV and surf so much internet in my downtime from TV, it has a habit of blending together on occasion.

…on third thought, that time I was just thinking of jelly to complement the peanut butter. What a mess of a human being I am. Anyways, enjoy the funny JIFs!

Funniest GIFs 12-14-17

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Did you hear the one about last week’s hilarious GIFs? Me, either. It was just a cheap trick to plug our previous installment. Gotcha!