Russian Bodybuilder May Have Arms Amputated After Injecting Himself With Homemade Muscle-Enhancer

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The first question that pops into my head when I see this guy is this: Why?

A 21-year-old man from Pyatigorsk named Kirill Tereshin, is in the news for quite the dumb decision that he made. Tereshin actually injected himself with a homemade chemical concoction in hopes of bulking up his muscles. And well, this is what he looks like today:

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Again, why?

Tereshin injected himself with a homemade batch of Synthol, which is made up of 85 percent oil, 7.5 percent lidocaine, and 7.5 percent alcohol. But Tereshin reveals that he made his using olive oil, lidocaine and benzyl alcohol. And that’s why he looks like a human Popeye.

But now because of his stupidity, the former ex-soldier reveals that his “‘bazooka arms are about to fall off,” as doctors have told him that paralysis and amputation are a huge possibility.

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Here’s what professor Evgeny Lilin had to say:

“Not immediately but he very likely faces amputation in the future. One day abscesses will develop, then inflammation and he (will be at risk of) a stroke. The bad thing is that already-injected Synthol or its equivalent will remain in his muscles for the next five to seven years, even if he stops adding more now.”

Tereshin says he will stop injecting himself once his arms reach 27 inches, but even then he reveals he will then move on to his back, chest and shoulders.

“I would like to get more than one million subscribers on Instagram and to stop working,” Tereshin said, adding this:

“For about a month I was making up to ten injections into each arm every day, using a 20 ml syringe. If I had used real Synthol, it would have cost me about 400,000 roubles ($6,764), but as I made it myself, I spent only about 4,000 roubles ($67). I did not feel any discomfort in my arms when I was doing it…. my body got used to it.

Within a month I got 106,000 subscribers in my Instagram. I love to be recognizable.”

And suddenly my string cheese body doesn’t seem so bad.

h/t Daily Mail

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