Wild Boar Kills Hunter Trying To Kill Him

Photo: alainolympus (Getty)

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: it’s tough to feel pity for folks who hunt animals just for fun, so it’s difficult feeling bad for the hunter in this story.

A 50-year-old hunter in Germany was out with a group on a hunting expedition near the town of Greifswald, when he spotted a wild boar. The man fired at the wild boar first but didn’t kill him. And when the hunter moved into some reeds to get a better shot the boar came out of nowhere and attacked him.

Wild Boar Kills Hunter Trying To Kill Him

The hunter was hit in his left thigh by the boar and suffered injuries — these injuries were serious enough for him to be taken to the hospital where he later died. A witness said the boar had already been shot when it attacked the hunter, but the police can’t confirm that at the moment.

So it looks like this time around a wild boar got the best of a hunter trying to take him down.

h/t NY Post

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