Woman Smokes Pot While Parked In Police Chief’s Spot, Gets Arrested

Photo: Alija (Getty)

If you want to smoke pot go right ahead and go nuts. But it’s probably not the best idea to cut off an unmarked police car and then proceed to smoke pot in a police chief’s parking spot, but that’s exactly what one woman in Long Island recently did.

According to police, a 26-year-old woman arriving at a court to answer a marijuana possession summons cut off an unmarked police car in the parking lot of the court while talking on a cellphone. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the woman then pulled into the parking spot reserved for the village’s police chief, Bill Ricca. And when cops asked the woman to roll down her window, a bunch of pot smoke spilled out.

Not shocking at all, but the woman was arrested and then issued yet another appearance ticket for unlawful possession of marijuana. On top of that she was also ticketed for using her cellphone while driving.

Now I don’t know about you, but I think it’s time every state makes weed legal. Then again, we wouldn’t have hilarious fails like this one if it was completely legal. So this is quite the conundrum.

h/t NY Post

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