Today’s Funny Photos 12-5-17

You can always count on the daily funnies to get you through a rough day. But since Monday is behind us, you won’t really be needing the added support. But when has that ever stopped us? People don’t need millions and millions of dollars, but they sure as hell take it when it’s handed to them. So in a lot of ways, this roundup is like a million bucks. However, in a lot more ways, it’s just pictures that will make you laugh.

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Today’s Funny Photos 12-5-17

funny photos 12-5-17funny photos 12-5-17funny photos 12-5-17funny photos 12-5-17

Keep it up, buddy. Karma will have its revenge: Chinese Woman’s 24-Hour Gaming Binge Probably Wasn’t Worth Going Blind Over

I’ll be there after checking out Page 2 of the funny pictures.